Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Company Code is a set of rules that employees use in their daily activities. It can help to the new member of our team to adapt successfully to the requirements and to become the leader of the Russian logistics market together with everybody. In our work, we are guided by the principles of business communication, adopted by the international community. We use customer-oriented approach to both external and internal (employees) customers of the company.

Employee is the driving force of our business.

We create such work environment in which every member of our team will be able to realize their ambitions and contribute to the prosperity of the company.

We take into consideration each employee's contribution to the common result and encourage his achievements by material incentives.

We respect the personal opinion of the employee and appreciate the proactive position, initiative, loyalty to the interests of the Company. We offer equal opportunities to move up the career ladder.

We are supporting the desire of employees to the professional and personal development. We are the team, the result of which depends on the contribution of each member.

We treat each other with kindness, politeness mutual respect. Honestly and openly discuss all arising disagreement, which appears in the process of working.

We do not use information obtained from the company for personal purposes, and do not pass it to third parties.

We conscientiously perform our duties, observe the rules of internal labor regulations and execute the order of the direct manager.

Company employees are one team aimed at achieving strategic goals.

We attentively react towards the needs of workers and try to consider them.

Leaders respect the personal dignity of employees and they do not show negatively stained emotional expressions and actions.

While performing the project the staff from related departments coordinate their actions with those of their colleagues.

Any questions that may lead to conflict situations are discussed with the direct leader.

If non-standard solution need to be taken, in this case employees are guided in their actions with interests of the company.

There`s a rule in our company to call each other politely by the name.

In communicating with each other, with customers, suppliers, employees follow the rules of business etiquette.

Company employees are the face of Company for the Customers.

Therefore the Company's image and its commercial success depends on the image of each individual employee, his behavior in the workplace and work with clients and partners.

Employees should look neat and be combed carefully; men should be clean-shaven or have a clipped beard, mustache.

The company recommends using of a business suit, if there is a meeting with clients or partners of the company.

Wearing bright and challenging colors is not recommended.

Women’s makeup should not be too bright or dramatic.

The following items are prohibited: T-shirts, women deep necklines and short skirts, shorts, sheer blouses. Shoes must be clean.

In the case of non-coincidence of an employee’s appearance to the rules of the company, he can be sent home.

Society is an important part of the business environment.

We encourage employees to participate in social and charitable activities.

We are supporting the charity fund "Ray of childhood", Lotoshinsky Children's Rehabilitation Center, Hospice in St. Petersburg.

We encourage employees’ offer by business optimization.

The employee has the right to participate in the political life of society, but the agitation in support of a political event is prohibited.

We create a positive informational field and we are translating to the customers, partners and employees the information about the company and its achievements.

Employee must remember that any point of view expressed by him in the media may be interpreted as the opinion of the Company.

The company takes care about its main resource - the employees.

Also: We pay attention to the resources provided in our usage by customers, suppliers and employees.

We use carefully the material resources provided by the company.

We do not use the position of the Company, information and resources for personal purposes.

We aim to use rationally our working time and working time of our colleagues, customers and partners.

We try to minimize the impact of our business on the environment and protect natural resources of the planet.

The Company protects confidential information, which, in case of revelation, could harm customers, suppliers, or employees of the Company.

Confidential information includes any commercial information that has become known in the process of professional activities.

It is prohibited to divulge this kind of information to anyone else, except in cases when there is a business need.

Personal data of the employee can be provided only if there is an agreement on providing of this data.

If you find out about the dissemination of confidential information, it is necessary to inform the supervisor or the head of the HR department.

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