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Social Policy

Social Policy

The company's actions in relation to social policy.

In work with Human Resources, the company is guided by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and other normative acts, which are related to the employment relationship between the employee and employer.

The Company does not allow the discrimination according to the appearance, gender, age, nationality, religion in case of hiring, taking vacant posts, access to training, receiving benefits, taking holidays.

The company does not allow profanity, words and gestures expressing the threat, offensive language between employees.

The company has been certified on compliance with OHSAS 18001: 2007 "Management System of Occupational Safety and Health Protection" and guarantees the safety in working conditions to the staff, as well as it takes measures to ensure the safety of customers, contractors and other individuals who are located in the office or warehouse.

The company guarantees paid on time salary, paid holidays and sick-leaves. The company respects the right of employees to express their opinions and to participate in professional and trade associations.

The company provides each employee the programs of additional health insurance.

The company provides financial and psychological support to workers who found themselves in a difficult situation.

The company's actions in relation to ecology and environmental protection

The Company fulfils the requirements of legislative, regulatory and other requirements related to ecology and environmental protection.

The company, in its work, tries to minimize environment pollution, fuel, energy, water consumption.

While taking production decisions the company considers the effect of its impact on the environment.

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