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Labor Protection

Охрана труда

Order appointing responsible for health and safety (doc, 52 kb)

Order of distribution functions to ensure safe conditions and protection of labour between managers and professionals (doc, 121 kb)

Labor protection in the company Instar Logistics is a system of preservation of life and health of employees during labor activity, which includes legal, socio-economic, organizational, technical and other activities.

Legal activities include:

  • Signing the individual labor contracts
  • Signing the collective agreements
  • Creation and functioning of the system and administrative documentation (regulations, standards, orders, etc.)
  • Maintenance of documentation of the strict reporting and implementation of office work

Socio-economic activities include:

  • Compulsory insurance of employees against temporary disability, occupational diseases, accidents
  • additional paid holidays
  • reduction of working hours (at work with harmful labor conditions, as well as certain categories of workers (disabled, minors)

Organizational and technical activities include:

  • Education of labor protection
  • Special evaluation of work conditions at the workplace
  • Organization of the appropriate exploitation of vehicles, special equipment, means of communication and informational transfer
  • Rationalization of workplaces
  • Arrangement and application of collective protective equipment (heating, mechanical and natural ventilation, lighting, etc.).

The labor protection system includes the following elements:

  • Industrial sanitation is determined as a system of organizational activities and technical facilities to prevent or reduce the influence of harmful occupational factors on workers
  • Occupational Hygiene is characterized as a preventative medicine that studies the conditions and character of labor, and their impact on health and functional status of the person and develops scientific basis and practical measures aimed at preventing the harmful and dangerous effects of production environment factors and labor process on workers
  • Electrical safety is the state of security of a worker from harmful and dangerous effects of electric current, electric arc, the electromagnetic field and static electricity
  • Fire safety is the state of security of the individual, the society's and the State's property from fires adjustment: Fire safety is not refered to the competence of the Ministry of Labor. This is the sphere of Ministry of Emergency Situations. Ministry of Emergency Situations standardizes controls and checks it.
  • Safety of vital activity is the science of comfortable and safe cooperation of human with the technosphere
  • Labor protection management is an organization of work, which provides safety, reduces injuries and accidents, occupational diseases, improves the working conditions on the basis of a set of tasks which are made for creating safe and harmless working conditions. Based on the application of legislative standard acts in the field of labor protection.
  • Management of professional risks is a set of interrelated activities, which includes actions of identifying, valuation and reduction of the levels of professional risks. Regulations on professional risks management system are approved by the federal executive authority who is performing functions of public policy and legal regulation in the sphere of labor, considering the opinions of the Russian tripartite commission on regulation of social and labor relations (Labor Code of the Russian Federation)

Declaration of Conformity working conditions state regulatory requirements of labor protection (pdf, 550 kb)
Order appointing responsible for health and safety. Transport group (doc, 53 kb)
Order appointing responsible for health and safety. Sheremetyevo (doc, 53 kb)
Order appointing responsible for health and safety. Domodedovo (doc, 53 kb)
Order appointing responsible for health and safety. Warehouseд (doc, 53 kb)
Order appointing responsible for health and safety. Warehouse (doc, 122 kb)
Order establishing the Commission on DB (doc, 60 kb)
Order establishing the Commission on DB (doc, 67 kb)

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