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Intermodel & Multimodel

Intermodel & Multimodel

The advantage of Instar Logistics Intermodal and Multimodal transport is that our in-house engineered solutions provide the most efficient use of multiple transport modes, thus improving lead times, reducing stock costs and keeping control over freight costs. Our transport combinations result in improved sustainability and carbon footprint reductions.

We provide:

  • Multimodal transport for heavy and project cargo with “door to door" delivery Organization of project cargo transport using all modes: ocean or deep sea, river and sea, river, road and railway transport.
  • We design and engineer complete complex logistics programs for the transport of heavy and out of gauge cargo’s worldwide including transportation costs, intra mode transfers, design and construction of requisite special handling equipment and obtain of all necessary permissions

Head office

141426, Moscow region, Khimki, Sheremetyevo international airport, ownership 5, Business center, office 213/2
+7 (800) 333-06-81
+7 (495) 797-68-70


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