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Power Generation

Power Generation

The energy sector has been one of INSTAR Logistics core businesses sectors since our inception in 1994, and we’ve worked on energy projects across the globe. It’s this experience that makes us a leader in global power plant lifting and transportation.

As the power industry has evolved over the last 20-years, we’ve have developed well engineered logistics solutions and gained great experience in transporting high-value components such as gas turbines, generators and transformers, providing delivery solutions for the power trains of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) equipment as well as moving and installing condensers, HRSGs and steam turbine equipment during the build process.

With a fully integrated ‘from source to site’ logistical service which combines technical excellence with rigorous safety standards, we work in partnership with our clients to solve your problems. Taking care of everything from investment and infrastructure to permits and programme, we also ensure health, safety and environmental factors are considered at every stage

Demand for energy is increasing everywhere, from one end of the world to the other.

When you work with us we take care of your supply chain so you can keep up with the rapid pace of change in the global energy marketplace. With our industry expertise and proven background as a logistics leader, we make your operations more efficient and provide the guidance to improve the utilization of your equipment, facilities, and resources. Our supply chain assessment solution improves plant congestion, productivity, inventory accuracy, and material tracking, among others. With our international presence, we can improve efficiency and create visibility across your supply chain.

  • Organization of transport in the framework of long-term energy projects in Russia and abroad with delivery of equipment directly to the projects under construction
  • Development complex solutions for the transportation of project cargoes, surveys of transport infrastructure and selection of delivery routes
  • Technical project support (development of technologies of cargo operations, loading schemes and cargo fastening on vehicles)
  • Transportation of off-gauged and heavy equipment (turbines, Hydroelectricity impellers, transformers, etc.)
  • Customs clearance (Temporary customs control zone organization, assistance in obtaining of class decisions, customs clearing using various modes

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