• "From door to door" delivery by all modes of transport
  • customs clearance in one day «JUST-IN-TIME» of clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, considering specificity of each client
  • automated set of Shopping mall
  • organization of transport of collections in special packaging
  • transportation and cleaning of valuable goods
  • provision of services for branding jewelry
  • customs clearance of related products for shops / boutiques (decorations for shop windows, cash equipment, etc.)
  • organization of the production’s certification and lots of goods
  • obtaining permissions from Minekopriroda on leather of rare animals that are registered in the Red Book, as well as licenses and permissions for the goods in aerosol cans
  • Internal distribution in any directions in Russia on time
  • storage services of collections in the warehouse
  • Additional storage services: labeling, kitting, sorting
  • utilization of remainders of collections
  • Account-Management in servicing corporate customers (monitoring of goods, process of MOT control, preparation of overhead expenses for shops / boutiques, calculation of the cost of production, etc.)
  • working extra hours / weekends on request of a client, informing online at any convenient time for the client
  • provision of services for additional freight forwarding
  • organization of temporary import \ export for shows, exhibitions, etc.

Head office

141426, Moscow region, Khimki, Sheremetyevo international airport, ownership 5, Business center, office 213/2
+7 (800) 333-06-81
+7 (495) 797-68-70


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