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Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas logistics industry is an exacting one and operates in a harsh and unforgiving environment. It requires an obsessive devotion to detail and well-engineered logistics solutions perhaps like no other industry. With so many trade and security concerns and Health and Safety rules driving the business process, non-compliance becomes a matter of your company’s reputation.

Attention to the minutia of proper practice is an absolute. Organisations involved in oil and gas production rightly demand accountability, experience and excellence from their logistics providers.

Companies demand excellence from their resources. INSTAR Logistics has provided excellence in the oil and gas sector since 1994. Our through knowledge of all industry areas has enabled us to build trust with our clients and deliver peace of mind with their complete confidence in our resources.

INSTAR Logistics provide a full range of onshore and offshore services. We have multiple strategic operations worldwide, some in extremely challenging locations, providing support services to the industry. Whether transportation of a drill bit, rig movement or delivering specialised heavy equipment and spare parts through an integrated supply chain, we have decades of experience in customising well-engineered logistics solutions for specific needs. From supply chain management of drilling rigs and camps, heavy-lift transportation and logistics support for offshore and onshore assets in operations; supported by the Instar transport and logistics engineers.

We provide

  • Regular international supply of equipment for the oil and gas industry, logistics and transport of required materials by all transport modes
  • Customs clearance of oil and gas equipment and, if appropriate, applying class decisions to the process that allow to use of preferential customs duty rates.
  • Management of forward storage operations and local distribution
  • Organization of the supply of industrial and other equipment into the authorized capital of the company
  • Assistance in obtaining permission for import and export
  • Organization of the export of equipment for repair outside the original customs territory with the physical re-import of equipment, including auditing the repair of equipment
  • Temporary export and or temporary import Customs clearance and "import" of equipment for testing or other purposes
  • External logistics management for the client of the manufacturing process
  • Managing the delivery of materials and equipment by "winter roads"
  • Organization and management of transportation of drilling rigs and oil camps

Head office

141426, Moscow region, Khimki, Sheremetyevo international airport, ownership 5, Business center, office 213/2
+7 (800) 333-06-81
+7 (495) 797-68-70


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