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The explosive evolution of the worldwide telecommunications industry, along with the exhaustive speed of the high-tech communication revolution has unlocked global individual inter-connectivity in a way unimaginable only a few years ago.

With cellular telephones transforming from basic bulky telephones, to cameras, music players, PDA’s and portable PC’s it is hard to envisage what is waiting around the corner.

However, in the telecommunication industry one thing is guaranteed. Speed to the market is business-critical. INSTAR Logistics provides comprehensive solutions to leverage the supply chain needs of our manufacturing clients, aggregating device specific demand and providing full service complex logistics and material handling of delicate equipment, with Just-in-time delivery efficiency.

We manage widespread activities including Infrastructure (network) Development. Our services comprise of inbound logistics, hub or warehouse and freight management including of the unloading and erection of material at sites.

We provide

  • Regular supply of equipment, accessories and spare parts sourced from global providers by all transport modes
  • Material handling and transportation of delicate equipment.
  • Customs clearance of telecommunication equipment and if appropriate applying class decisions to the process that allow to use of preferential customs duty rates
  • Management of storage operations and distribution as per client orders.
  • Complex services on supply of equipment from the manufacturer to end user with required verification and certification, distribution to the assembly or operation location and monitoring the safety of the equipment before start-up by the end-user
  • Development of logistics solutions using Federal or Government financial schemes
  • Organization of the export of equipment for processing or repair outside the original customs territory with the subsequent re-importation, including monitoring of the equipment’s repair.
  • Temporary export Customs clearance or import of equipment for testing or other purposes
  • Logistics for the replacement of spare parts

Head office

141426, Moscow region, Khimki, Sheremetyevo international airport, ownership 5, Business center, office 213/2
+7 (800) 333-06-81
+7 (495) 797-68-70


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